FilamentPHP is a great form, table, and admin panel managing library for Laravel, that allows you to emulate Single-Page Application (SPA) with internal Limewire wire:navigate attribute on links.

To enable "SPA" mode, according to the documentation is easy as:

use Filament\Panel;
public function panel(Panel $panel): Panel
    return $panel
        // ...

Example of SPA mode for FIlament Panel

This will add wire:navigate to all links produced by FilamentPHP components in specific panel.

But how to enable the same behaviour globally, if we are not using Panel?

You use FilamentView facade in app/providers/AppServiceProvider boot() method:

public function boot(): void


That's it, now all links everywhere you use FilamentPHP in your app will be appended with Limewire wire:navigate.

How to ensure SPA mode in FilamentPHP with Limewire if you are not using the Panel component